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About Us

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We AYUSH ENTERPRISES, are in this industry for last 20 years. We have lot of experience in manufacturing powder coating units, from overall production to dispatch. From this, we were inspired to start giving service of touch up spray painting to whole industry and we got successful. With the help of touch up spray, we can minimize the wastage of paint while painting different machine parts, powder coating control panels and various other painting jobs. Material also can be saved up to certain extent with the help of touch up spray painting. Small scratches, signs of welding can be hidden by doing spray touch up work.

We supply different types of Fluorescent colour spray, Steel chrome spray, zinc bright spray, clear lacquer spray, metallic spray, etc. We also make provide stretch film rolls starting from 4” to 18” with thickness of 23 Microns.

Minimum order should be 5 and 10 nos. for some required colours.

The order will be delivered by courier and charges will be applicable for the same.

Our aim is to satisfy our customer need and requirements.